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Why is everyone watching RR Buildings build buildings? (Ep 29)

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Rural Renovators @RR Buildings is a custom contracting company specializing in post frame construction, building everything from basic storage buildings, to insulated workshops, and even residential homes.

Seven years ago Kyle started posting videos of the building process on his YouTube channel, RR Buildings. But in mid 2021, the channel exploded, accumulating 80,000 subscribers in October alone.

So what happened? Kyle started posting YouTube Shorts. In June, he posted a video showing how he leveraged a board into position which garnered 24 million views. Immediately, he followed it up with a series of Shorts, each gaining crazy views. The most popular one now has 68 million views. In fact all of the most watched videos on Kyle’s channel are shorts, a format he is definitely leaning into. To date, all of his Shorts combined total over 300 million views.

In addition to short form content, Kyle documents the entire construction process of various buildings he is working on. Currently he’s building a house he calls the Barndominum. These long videos are often longer than 30 minutes, offering a stark contrast to the Shorts. These videos are extremely well shot and edited and show all the interesting details that go into building construction.

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