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The art and ethics of graffiti, with Jon Grim. The WTS Podcast June 24, 2022

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Jon Grim is a clear voice and advocate for graffiti culture, as well as an art mentor drawing on the history of the medium to teach and refine techniques used by graffiti artists. On his youtube channel, The Artist Block you’ll learn about the typography associated with tags, tools for painting and bombing, styles of graffiti, and what to look for when evaluating tags, throw-ups, and pieces. You’ll also learn about the culture and impact of graffiti and its place within the larger world of art.

Jon has been a graffiti artist for over 20 years drawing inspiration from his father, an OG graffiti artist in New York back in the early 1970s. He’s posted over 565 videos on the topic over the course of the past ten years. He’s also a digital artist working in the realm of hyper-realism.


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