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Simone Giertz: Beyond Sh*tty Robots (Ep 26)

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In August 2015 @Simone Giertz posted an 8-second long, toothbrush machine video, showing a machine she designed to remove the drudgery of manual tooth brushing. It was funny, ridiculous, and got shared just about everywhere.

That video would come to define much of what Simone’s videos would be about: making machines that sort of make sense. Like an alarm clock that slaps you awake or a breakfast machine that ensures you will be cleaning up a bunch of Cheerios.

It wouldn’t be long before fans had dubbed her the Queen of Sh*tty Robots, a title that she embraced, but has kind of moved away from in the past couple years as she has expanded to building an even wider range of projects.

Things like remodeling a trailer, making a coffee table out of burnt matches, and converting a Tesla into a pickup, all presented in her casual, conversational style and wry humor. And sometimes her videos aren’t projects, but experiences, like when she got weightless in the Vomit Comet or talked candidly about her brain surgery.

Simone has a beautiful workshop in LA where she uses all kinds of materials and techniques to create all kinds of projects limited only by her imagination.

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