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Robert Dunn on woodworking and weird cars (Ep 25)

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Robert Dunn has two of the most entertaining channels on youtube. His main channel is Aging Wheels, a channel he started in 2014 mainly about weird and obscure cars, and how he fixes them up and drives them around. If you love cars, you need to check it out, and if you’re like me, and don’t know anything about cars, you will definitely love Aging Wheels. It's a car channel for the rest of us.

But he started his second channel, a woodworking channel called Under Dunn in 2019 and as it approaches 100,000 subscribers and another silver play button, it has become its own thing and just as entertaining as Aging Wheels.

Robert brings a natural humor to all of his videos and has found a different and unique take on the YouTube woodworking genre.

Aging Wheels:
Under Dunn: 

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