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Rex Krueger on furniture forensics and traditional woodworking

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Rex Krueger a YouTuber, an author, a historian, and a woodworker. Although, we’re going to discover that there is no such thing as a woodworker. He builds mostly traditional furniture in a mostly traditional manner using mostly traditional tools. He's a leading advocate for ditching power tools and returning to a simpler time of human powered construction.

Rex has made videos showing how to make workbenches, how to use and make traditional hand tools as well as restore them. He has a few furniture projects and some of my absolute favorite videos on YouTube, Furniture Forensics, where he examines an old piece of furniture to reveal telltale signs of how it was built, and why. 

If you're interested in the history of woodworking and how that can help you to better understand your own woodworking, Rex Krueger is an amazing resource . No tablesaw necessary.  

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