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Matt Cremona talks about home renovation and lumber milling (Ep 24)

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Matt Cremona is unusual in the world of woodworking because he not only builds high end furniture, but he cuts down the trees and mills the lumber from those trees to make that furniture. 

In 2016 Matt built his own bandsaw mill which allows him to make lumber out of really big logs.  Amazingly, Matt's most popular video is 42 minutes long and shows how he used his bandsaw mill to make slabs. It's a fascinating look at all the labor that goes into milling lumber and gives viewers insight into the finer details of a process most of us have never seen before. Let alone, the impact of seeing that it's just one guy doing this in his yard.

Most recently, Matt moved into a  huge new home that he's renovating and making even huger by building an addition to the space, which he's documenting and sharing on YouTube.  

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