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Danie Berger of DIY Danie (Ep 17)

I can't think of anyone who seems to have more fun with DIY projects than Danie Berger, AKA DIY Danie. Her YouTube channel is a blend of art, woodworking, renovating and home remodeling, all delivered with high-energy and enthusiasm. 

All of Danie’s projects offer practical DIY tips and advice, as well as ideas and inspiration that everyone can bring to their own homes. And it’s more than that, every video tells a story.

Danie posted her first video to YouTube...DIY Farmhouse Dining Space Makeover for Under $200... on May 11, 2019, immediately establishing her style. Since then, in just 2 and a half years, she has racked up almost 15 million views and accumulated 221,000 subscribers.

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