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Construction myths, with Grady from Practical Engineering. The WTS Podcast August 5, 2022

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Grady Hillhouse is a civil engineer and creator of @Practical Engineering a YouTube channel devoted to explaining the man-made infrastructure of the world surrounding us. His videos teach us about how aquifers and dams work, or how water towers supply our homes with water. You’ll learn about the importance of culverts, how pavement works, and how electrical transmission lines and traffic signals work. And this just scratches the surface.

Grady’s first book, Engineering in Plain Sight: An Illustrated Field Guide to the Constructed Environment, which is set to release on November first, is already the Amazon #1 Best Seller in Home Design Buildings & Construction.

A recent video on Practical Engineering was all about debunking construction myths, a topic I thought would be a lot of fun to talk about on this podcast. And while we’re at it I’ll throw in some of my own woodworking myths.

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