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Anyone can learn to sculpt: Blake McFarland of BM Sculptures (The WTS Ep 28)

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Blake McFarland is an artist who specializes in mixed media sculptures using wood, steel, epoxy, foam, fiberglass, crayons, even ramen noodles. Since 2019 he’s been filming these creations and showing the process on his YouTube channel, BM Sculptures.

His highly detailed sculptures can take up to eight weeks to create for clients such as Hyundai, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Golden State Warriors and many more. His multiple collaborations with Goodyear has led him to create multiple sports team mascot sculptures out of recycled tires, a medium he seems especially skilled with.

Before becoming a full time artist, Blake was a professional baseball player, who spent 8 years pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays. Recently Blake was a contestant on the TV show Making It, and even more recently he became a dad for the second time.

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