The WTS Podcast with Steve Ramsey

Steve is the Oprah of the content creators (woodworking/diy/maker universe that is)

Steve Ramsey’s newest podcast has been a lot of fun to listen to. If Marc Spagnolo is The Godfather of the woodworking YouTube generation, then Steve is now the Oprah Winfrey of the content creators. It’s been a blast learning more about the creators for whom I have watched for years. Steve asks many if the questions that an everyday-joe like me has wanted to ask. Steve’s conversations have even introduced creators whom I had never heard about or whose content I never thought I’d enjoy until Steve’s interview with them. Admittedly, I have even stopped watching snd following some creators since their interview with Steve.

All in all, the podcast is fun, laid back, easy to listen to while working and informative. 5 stars across the board!!!

Thanks Steve and keep up the great work!

Dec. 28, 2021 by Lundy's Woodcrease on Apple Podcasts

The WTS Podcast with Steve Ramsey