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Great show

I love listening to your podcast. I find it informative and entertaining. I always learn something new

So well done!

I’m an amateur woodworker and Steve’s YouTube show and this show has helped me be a better woodworker both in function and attitude. And bringing all these great woodworkers and makers together has been an awesome experience it really is well done and I believe has helped make a more positive and humble attitude in this world of creativity we live in. Thank you Steve you have made a difference in my life and really believe in so many others.

Love hearing the different viewpoints

The best part of the show is the diversity of guess on it. Plus, they talk about the craft, the business of the craft, and the struggles behind the craft. I also think we all enjoy a little inside baseball on what happens on YouTube. Make sure you listen to the episodes with guess you might not normally hear from!

It’s good

Good interviews, thank you

Good interviews

Here’s some stars


When me and my dad spend time together, we listen to this 😁

Steve is the Oprah of the content creators (woodworking/diy/maker universe that is)

Steve Ramsey’s newest podcast has been a lot of fun to listen to. If Marc Spagnolo is The Godfather of the woodworking YouTube generation, then Steve is now the Oprah Winfrey of the content creators. It’s been a blast learning more about the creators for whom I have watched for years. Steve asks many if the questions that an everyday-joe like me has wanted to ask. Steve’s conversations have even introduced creators whom I had never heard about or whose content I never thought I’d enjoy until Steve’s interview with them. Admittedly, I have even stopped watching snd following some creators since their interview with Steve. All in all, the podcast is fun, laid back, easy to listen to while working and informative. 5 stars across the board!!! Thanks Steve and keep up the great work!

Go down the rabbit hole… it’s worth it.

The plethora of knowledge that comes out of this show is profound. Woodworking and content creation are the main focus and Steve brings in the heaviest hitters in both realms. I’m loving this podcast/videos. Great job Steve!

Thank you

Appreciate you and your contribution to this community, as well as all I have learned over the years, looking forward to more podcast episodes.

Let the wood be with you.

His a Jedi in woodworking.

Thank you

So glad you provide this, am discovering some great youtubers. Before I just wandered through you tube blindly. Now I can discover your great guests information. Your content is still the best!

Great content

I was pleasantly surprised to see that you are interviewing many of the people I subscribe to! After I heard the interview with Jason at Bourbon Moth, I thought ‘it would be great if he would interview the honest carpenter. Especially about his video on the dying trade market’. Love it. Please keep going